The World of Model Horses

worldofbreyer_firstmodelThey will introduce you to the detailed World of Model Horses. Did you know that the hobby for model horses started in the 1950’s when the Breyer Company produced its first horse figurine for the MasterCrafter Clock Company to go on top of a clock. Breyer kept the molds for the horse and when the Clock Company went broke, Breyer sold just the horse. Over fifty years later, the model horse hobby is better and more populated than ever.

The model horse hobby got so big, they have a County Fair just for the Model Horse Hobbyists! Peter Stone and his wife, Elaine, host it every year on the first week of May. The MHCF (Model Horse County Fair) is a great time to meet other Stone enthusiasts, tour the factory, and even get a great special run model limited to participants of the MHCF.

Peter Stone Company isn’t the only one holding those fun County Fairs. Breyer holds one yearlythat goes by the familiar and well-known name of BreyerFest. It’s the figurehead event for Breyer hobbyists. They come from all over the world to see what’s new at Breyer and pick up the highly sough-after BreyerFest model.

Hagen-Renaker was another well-known company that produced a range of larger figurines from 1950-1980. Breyer now produces some of the Hagen-Renaker’s larger figurines in their current line that collectors look for.

wallstackersThere are hundreds of companies that manufacturer model horses such as Safari Ltd, NorthLight, Border Fine Arts, Schleich, Breyer, Peter Stone Company, My Little Ponies, Trail of Painted Ponies, and more such familiar names.

It doesn’t matter if you own a broken legged Breyer Horse, or a scuffed up Peter Stone; You can always make them look brand new with a customized paint job or a customized model change. So pick up a paint brush and get started!