No more searching for the best quality toy barns for your Breyer Horses, Schleich Horses, and other toy model horses. We have given you a list below of the highest quality wooden toy barns in the industry today. You will find toy stables made specifically for Breyer Horses and other toy horses below.

Country Kids Barns

Country Kids is dedicated to creating equestrian fun for children of all ages with their handcrafted wooden toy barns. The toy barns and model horse accessories make great gifts for all occasions. You will love the quality construction of each toy barn they produce for your special model horse collection!

The Breezeway Barn Toy Stables

Dimensions: 24″ x 28.5″ x 41.25″

Description: This wooden toy barn set is perfect for your model horses and much more large than the Breyer Horse barns. The Breezeway Barn is a handcrafted wooden toy barn. It consists of (2) portable Equestrian Stables and (1) Play Barn Loft. This wooden toy barn set is well-equipped with a total of six model horse stalls that feature sliding doors, a hinged door, and four red stall guard ropes. There are also two full roofs and three lofts. This Breezeway toy barn can be taken down to play with the barns separately or keep it in the Breezeway form. This is perfect for your Breyer model horses.

kky-100Equestrian Stables Toy Barn

Dimensions: 24″ x 13.75″ x 18.5″

Description: The Equestrian Stable is a handcrafted wooden toy barn, well-equipped with three horse stalls that feature sliding doors, a hinged door, and two red stall guard ropes. There is also a full view roof and loft. Assembly required. Instructions are included; however, glue is not provided.


kky-250Tack Room Toy Barn

Dimensions: 13″ x 13.5″ x 18.5″

Description: This Wooden Tack Room is handcrafted and is a perfect accessory to your wooden toy barn. It is multifunctional and serves for tack storage or can also be used as a single stall. Assembly required. Instructions are included; however, glue is not provided.


kky-200Wooden Play Barn

Dimensions: 24″ x 13.75″ x 17.5″

Description: This Wooden Play Barn is a great starter piece to your Barnyard collection! It is a handcrafted wooden toy barn that serves as the upper portion of the Breezeway Barn or can stand alone as a multifunctional barn for storing equipment and animals. Assembly required. Instructions are included; however, glue is not provided.


Maxim Toy Barns

Children and parents will love Maxim’s take on ‘horseplay’! Their stables and toy barns are carefully crafted to simulate the dream environments for taking care of horses and other farm animals. The stables will hold Traditional and Standard Breyer and other fine horses.

“Can I have a pony?” Saying yes to this question will be a lot easier with the help of these toy barns! These help provide an environment through which your child can dream and reenact horse play and care.


mx-81010Large Groton Barn Grande Stable

Dimensions: 29″L x 21″W x 22″H

Description: This Large Groton Toy Barn Stable from Maxim works great for model horses such as Breyer and Grand Champions toy horses! This adventure playset comes complete with a corral fence to keep all of you animal toys in check as you create your own miniature horse ranch! This two stall stable has 4 doors; two sliding doors in the front and two sliding doors in the back, feeder inside the stall, and a wood corral. This makes it very easy to access and more fun to play with! Some assembly required.


Red Gable Barn and Side Stall

Dimensions: 25.25″W x 18.25″H x 18.5″D

Description: Our Red Maxim Gable Toy Barn and Side Stall is made of solid wood, sturdy constructions. It includes 4 plastic animals that include 1 horse, 1 pig, 1 dog, 1 cow, a wooden ladder, and a large wooden foldable fence. It includes a real working crank on the hayloft. The hinged doors make it easy for kids to open and close them. This is a tradition barn with spacious play area. Comes with a removable side stall for customization on your pretend play horse farm! Some assembly required.


mx-81011Travel Wooden Toy Stable & Corral

Dimensions: 19″ x 15″ x 10″ (box)

Description: The Travel Stable with a Corral from Maxim is a great wooden toy for horse lovers on the go! This toy barn opens to reveal living space for your model horses and then folds for easy and compact moving! Take your model horse toys wherever you go with this great wooden toy barn! Horses not included. NOTE: THIS ITEM SHIPS IN ITS OWN BOX WITH A COLORED LABEL OF THE BARN ON THE OUTSIDE.


Breyer Barns

Breyer is a well-known model horse manufacturer that also makes wooden toy barns for their horses. Although they are a lot more expensive than other toy barns because of their brand name, a lot of people prefer them because they are a trusted brand name and they like to collect everything with the Breyer brand. Below is a list of the Breyer Barns.


bh-690Breyer Classics Wash Stall Barn

Dimensions: Fits Breyer Classics

Description: Rinse, lather and repeat! The new Breyer Classics Wash Stall Barn features a working pump and hose that uses real water so you can bathe your horses! Set also includes working hay hoist, swinging doors, rake, shovel, water bucket, first aid kit, vet ointment, feed bucket, shampoo, bug spray, tack carryall and sponge. Whether it’s washing your horse for a show, or just a bonding afternoon together, this Wash Stall is awesome!


bh-689Breyer Classics Toy Barn

Dimensions: 15.38″L x 13.25″H x 12″D

Description: A place to rest after a day of fun in the sun with cozy stalls to hide in when grey skies turn to rain, the Classics barn is the perfect home for your Classics Breyer Horses! Windows and swining doors open and close. It includes a blue and white plank jump. Horses not included.


bh-305Breyer Two-Stall Wood Barn

Dimensions: 16.5″H x 16.75″W x 21.75″L
Description: Your horses will love the spacious stalls in Breyer’s new Two-Stall Wood Barn. Hay feeders make wasted hay and extra messy stalls are a thing of the past! This Breyer Barn features sliding doors and windows and a removable roof for easy access.


bh-302Breyer Wooden Barn Deluxe

Dimensions: 30.5″L x 21″H x 18.5″D

Description: New deluxe barn fits up to three Traditional size horses. Includes two stalls with mats and built-in feed bins, sliding doors, saddle and bridle rack and cross tie area. Made of natural wood.


bh-303Breyer Run-In Barn

Dimensions: 16.5″W x 14.5″H x 14.5″D

Description: This newly designed barn replicates a run-in shed. Similar in detail to the large, deluxe barn, it’s open in the front and has rear swinging doors for entry. Made of natural wood.


Schleich Toy Barns

A popular German toy manufacturer of action figures and animal toys, Schleich inspires imagination around the world with their popular farm animal and horses collection. Schleich Toys understands the beauty and range in the animal kingdom. The hand-painted, true-to-life, molded plastic Schleich toy figures will have imaginations running wild with play possibilities.


scs-42028Schleich Big Red Toy Barn

Dimensions: 19.75″ x 11″ x 12.75″

Description: This Schleich Big Red Barn features the combination of top quality wood and plastic parts results in a product of excellent design and quality. With beautiful detail and room for all your horses and farm animals, this Big Red Barn will compliment your Schleich Collection.


scs-40165Schleich Toy Animal Stable

Dimensions: 10.25″H x 13.75″W x 21.25″D

Description: Now your Schleich farm animals have a place to live. Build your own ranch and stall your farm animals in this classy barn. The Schleich stable has opening doors, stalls, windows, and more. This building does not require tools for easy assembly. The combination of top quality wood and plastic parts results in a product of excellent design and quality.


scs-40164Schleich Toy Horse Stable

Dimensions: 8.25″H x 12.5″W x 21.25″D

Description: The Schleich Horse Stable is a great addition to the Schleich horses. The Horse Stable from Schleich Animal Toys is the ultimate play barn for all your 3- to 4.5-inch model horses. This sturdy toy barn has 8 doors and 2 windows. The back of the barn is open and the top has a removable center section for easy play. Inside you find 3 stalls complete with operating interior stall doors. The front of the Schleich horse stable features 2 tie rings and a blanket bar. This extremely durable construction of wood and heavy molded parts will hold up to years of hard play.


scs-42030Schleich Toy Knight Stable

Dimensions: Fits Schleich Knight Collection

Description: Built from stone, wood, and iron, this Knight Stable was made for the horses. The knights take very good care of them, especially before battle! This Schleich Knight Stable is also a creative choice for your Schleich World of the American Frontier collection so that the pilgrims and cowboys have a place for their horses to stay. You can add the Wicker Fence set to extend the size of this Stable! Made of plastic.


scs-42003Schleich Toy Wildlife Animal Nursery

Dimensions:19.75″ x 21.50″ x 12″

Description: This Schleich Wild Life Animal Nursery has many rooms and lots of stalls for all the sick animals. With a roof made of straw and the porch made of sturdy wood, this organization was born to wean animals back to good health. Made of plastic. Easy Assembly.


scs-42032Schleich Summergreen Elf House

Dimensions: 15″ x 13.75″ x 17.50″

Description: This fantasy structure is place of peace for the Schleich Sun Elves and their fairy tail horses. This has Elvish lettering around the doorway, a swing, and a few levels of platforms. Your elves’ horses can seek shelter when the enchanted forest gets a rain shower.


More Toy Barns

These toy barns have different brand names and fits different sized horses. They’re totally fun!


bo-2000Stablemate Toy Horse Barn

Dimensions: 18″L x 5″W x 5.25″H

Description: The Stablemate Stable is the equestrian dream toy barn for any Breyer Stablemate horse. The Stablemate Toy Horse Stable will fit any toy horse around 4″ long by 3″ high. The miniature toy barn features 6 stalls and a tack room in the center. The center room is perfect for storing rider dolls, tack equipment, and stable accessories. You can also showcase your horses on shelf in this barn. It is cut on a laser from 1/8″ Canadian Birch Ply Wood and is assembled by hand in New England.


sl-293029Down on the Farm Barn

Dimensions: 16.75″W x 13.75″H x 10″D

Description: This Down on the Farm Barn Toy Stable by Safari Limited has a unique design that opens and closes revealing one side for cows, pigs and goats and the other side features stalls for horses. This barn can fit all the Safari Winner’s Circle and Blue Ribbon Horses, including Schleich and and Safari Ltd. Animals. This toy barn features real wood construction. All the doors and windows open and close. The horse stalls feature authentic Dutch windows that open and close! Front door slides open. It’s packaged in an attractive gift box. So explore the Frontiers of your imagination!


st-5511212Ryan’s Room Wooden Stable for Two

Dimensions: 8.75″W x 8.5″D x 8.5″H (stable)

Description: A happy stable for high-spirited horses! 4-piece set includes a sturdy, natural wood stable with removable roof for easy access, removable trough, cut-out windows and swinging doors, a 7-section swiveling fence that can be used as a paddock, and a posable wooden horse and pony set with brown manes and tails. A nice addition to the Ryan’s Room world.


lg-784Fold & Go Little Red Barn

Dimensions: 14″ x 16″ x 10 ½”

Description: Hey, what a lofty idea! This rustic wooden toy barn from Melissa & Doug includes 7 high-quality farm animal toys, sliding barn doors, large stalls, stable doors, a hayloft and a convenient carry handle! Sturdy wooden handles and a portable, folding design make this Little Red Carry toy barn a tote-along favorite for any child who loves farm toys!


lg-785Folding Horse Wooden Toy Barn

Dimensions: 14.7″ x 20 ½” x 13″

Description: Horse-around in style with this spacious wooden toy barn that includes 7 working doors, a hayloft with a ladder and a corral for all of your model horses! This adventure playset comfortably fits up to 3 standard-sized horses, making this wooden toy a perfect addition to any horse collection!


plt-71470Plan Toys Barn

Dimensions: 14.96″ H x 2.95″W x 22.44″ L

Description: A 2-story gambrel-roofed barn with accessible roof and sides for easy access into the interior and hayloft access – includes removable ladder, a grain sack, 2 hay bales, 4 adjustable fences and tool set. The hay can be hoisted into the barn by a pulley and pallet at front gable.


rgt-rr-38-mdfAll American Big Red Barn

Dimensions: 22 ½”W x 14″D x 19″H

Description: The All American Big Barn is a do-it-yourself kit that offers precision workmanship featuring engineered parts pre-cut to really work on this functioning farm. The wooden shingle roof, step-by-step assembly instructions, sturdy construction and pine molding fence and furnishings all add to the rustic feel of this toy barn.