Classics Best in Show


Breyer Horse Item #902
breed: Thoroughbred
color: Dapple Grey
recommended age: 4 and Up
date available: Nov 28, 2008


With their elegant appearance and ground-sweeping gaits, Thoroughbreds have long been esteemed as competitive mounts in hunter classes at horse shows. This gorgeous dapple grey hunter model horse excudes the athleticism and grace for which the breed is known. A braided mane and tail give this horse the correct look for hunter classes as well as a wormhole tidy appearance that enhances the line of the neck. Show hunters are always braided on the right side of the neck, a tradition which started in England when fox hunters had to traverse all sorts of rugged terrain. The braids looked elegant and kept the mane and tail from getting burrs and twigs stuck in the hairs when jumping hedges and thorny fences. Braiding is one of the fox hunting traditions that carried to the show hunter ring.

Upscale and highly collectible, the new Classics’ Best in Show model horse series are sure to be a big hit! Each sculpture is hand-painted and features life-like details including a mohair mane and tail styled in a breed-appropriate fashion, as well as expressive glass eyes, detailed horse shoes and a presentation base. They are in 1:12 Scale.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail: $29.99