Collecting model horses isn’t just a hobby…

Collecting model horses isn’t just a hobby… it’s a passion. Anybody who collects model horses is a horse lover; Especially if they’re a model horse hobbyist. In this article, I’m going to use Breyer Horses as an example because they’re the most popular model horses to collect. Even though Breyer horses are expensive, they will not allow you to go broke if you collect them the right way.

A hobby is something you do in your free time. Whenever you collect something, most of time, it is considered a hobby.

Starting a hobby is fun, but gradually becomes even more fun when seeing how far you’ve come and improved on something you’ve created.


Find out what Series you want to collect whether it’s Traditional (most popular choice), Classics, Paddock Pals, etc. Some people choose to just collect the plush, limited editions, or pegasus they come out with. Personally, I like to collect the Traditional Series because not only can you customize them to your liking, but there’s a bigger selection.

See Breyer Horse Size Chart.


Make a special place you want to keep your horses whether it’s shelves in your room, a closet full of shelves dedicated to just Breyer Horses, or a special room for them.


Buy 1 horse a month. Most Traditional-Sized Breyer horses can be between $25 and $39. 1 horse a month equals to 12 horses a year, adding to 36 horses in 3 years. If you want to spend more money, you can buy 2 horses a month, which equals 24 horses a year, adding to 72 horses in 3 years. Family members and friends will most likely get you one for your birthday, Christmas, or special holidays.


Always check for new Breyer Horses out and updated information.

Have Fun!