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Breyer Horse Item #618
breed: Arabian
color: Red Roan
pattern: Sabino
recommended age: 4 and Up
date available: Jan 1, 2009


The Red Roan Sabino Arabian model is part of Breyer’s junior Classics collection. This model horse was created using the Black Stallion mold sculpted by Chris Hess in 1983. Geared to authentic and imaginative play, Breyer Classics offer younger collectors excellent collectability too! The Arabian is a breed of horse that originated on the Arabian Peninsula. With a distinctive head shape and high tail carriage, the Arab Horse is one of the most easily recognizable and oldest horse breeds in the world. The Arabian is a versatile breed that dominate the discipline of endurance riding, and compete today in many other fiends of equestrian activity. There are very few Arabians registered as a roan, making this Sabino Red Roan model horse very unique and collectible. Sabino is a group of white spotting patterning that is visually recognized by roaning at the edges of white markings, belly spots, irregular face markings, especially white extending past the eyes or onto the chin, white above the knees or hocks, and “splash” or “lacy” marks anywhere on the body, but particularly on the belly.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail: $14.99

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