Most model horse enthusiasts compete in photo shows from time to time. It is an enjoyable experience that allows you to interact with your model horses. After all, it is said that “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Not only is competing in model horse photo shows rewarding, it is both fun and educational. The judges will have a solid working knowledge of halter and performance criteria along with the different breed types so that they can choose a winner with the best qualifications.

article_photoshow2Some model horse photo shows will have a team working together handling the show such a a manager, judge, show secretary and ring master. Some shows will only offer expertise-based such as “All Halter” classes, “Arabian and Half-Arabian Show,” or “Original Finish Only.” Request a¬†classlist and official rules before submitting your entries. The classlist will include model horse classes such as gender, breed, color and English and Western performance. Prizes are sometimes mentioned on the classlist and usually consist of ribbons or gift certificates. Entry fees will be per stable, per horse or per photo.

Judging criteria is generally based 75% on the horse and 25% on the photo presentation. Alter classes are judged on confirmation and breed type. Performance is usually judged according to the appropriateness of the horse to his task. Before beginning your model horse photos, ask yourself questions about the class rules. Are halters required? Are riders necessary? What sort of obstacles and/or props are appropriate for the class. When in doubt, contact the model horse photo show manager for further details.

article_photoshow3When you start taking photographs of your model horse, there are some very important things to keep in mind for making your show photo top notch. You will want to make sure you have a clean background. A good way to accomplish this is by setting up a table outside, let the trees blur in the background and take your photograph from the horse’s level. Investigate your model horse to make sure it is in excellent condition with no rubs or scratches. Confirm that the tack fits well as proper, well-fitting tack wins. You can cover the table in kitty litter for good footing. You may also use fine sand which is sometimes available from toy stores that sell sandboxes. Add in props such as a realistic fence that is to scale or obstacles for performance classes. Remember, realism is key in model horse photo show events!