BONANZA “Little Joe” Cartwright’s Horse

breed: Paint
color: Black & White
recommended age: 8 and Up
date available: Jan 1, 2009


The Cochise model was created using the Cody mold sculpted by C.M. Herden in 1999. This black and white paint model horse is the first in the Bonanza collection from Breyer Animal Creations to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the TV show (1959-2009).

Cochise was a beautiful black and white Paint horse chosen by Michael Landon, who portrayed Ben’s impetuous youngest son, Joseph “Little Joe” Cartwright. Its loud coloration provided a nice contrast to the buckskin, brown and chestnut horses ridden by the other cast members.

Little Joe’s horse, Cochise was a 12 year old Pinto and named after the famous Indian. He was 15.3 hands high and weighed 1,150 pounds. Michael Landon rode Cochise from September 1959 to early 1964.

About the series: Countless Americans grew upon this classic Western television series, which debuted in 1959 and ran until 1973, longer than any other Western in television history. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of this iconic show, Breyer will be creating portrait models of the horses used in the show.

The series, which starred Lorne Greene, Michael Landon, Dan Blocker and Pernell Roberts, chronicled the adventures of Ben Cartwright and his three sons on their sprawling Ponderosa Ranch in Nevada Territory during the 1860s. The show became so popular on Sunday nights that it was ranked within the top five television programs for nearly 10 years! The iconic Ponderosa map at the beginning of each episode, coupled with the well-known Bonanza theme song, remains highly recognizable even today.

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