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Breyer Horse Item #620
breed: American Spotted Draft Horse
color: Bay Pinto
recommended age: 4 and Up
date available: Feb 19, 2009


The Bay Pinto American Spotted Shire is part of Breyer’s junior Classics model horse collection. This draft model horse was created using the Shire mold sculpted by Kathleen Moody which was introduced in 2002. Geared to authentic and imaginative play, Breyer Classics offer younger collectors excellent collectability too! AThe American Spotted Shire is a draft breed and can be found throughout history as early as war horses in the medieval times. There are many different draft types including the Shire. Spotted drafts come in pinto patters such as tobiano, overo and tovero. The American Spotted Shire has a wonderful dispostion with an easy temperament. It will show a ready willingness to work, great endurance and the rare quality known as “heart”. This breed is great for agricultural work, commercial carriages, logging, riding and pleasure driving. The average height of an American Spotted Shire is 16hh to 17hh.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail: $16.99

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