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Model Horse Guide is a place for novices to expand their knowledge to the model horse hobby. We offer information to the Breyer model horse collectors, show competitors, the enthusiast, and to the horse lover. Our educational and informational pages are dedicated to the realistic beauty of the model horse. Learn that the model horse hobby goes beyond collecting and play.

2012 Breyer Horses – There has been a leak online for the 2012 Breyer Horses. We have snatched what we could and are worki
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2011 Breyer Horses – Did you complete your collection of the 2011 model horses from Breyer? If not, check to see what you missed on our complete list.


Breyer Zenyatta – Champion Racehorse
The mid-year 2010 release, Breyer Zenyatta, is still on high demand for 2011. The Breyer Zenyatta model horse is part of the Portrait Model series from the Breyer Traditional collection (1:9 scale). He was sculpted using the Lonesome Glory mold created by Kitty Cantrell introduced in 2000. This champion Thoroughbred racehorse mare has made history and makes a great gift for your model horse lover and collector!

Cure for Extreme Breyer Homakeover1rse Makeover
Lose the fear of remaking your Breyer Horse models by taking things to the extreme. You can loosen up the creative juices and lose your fear of remaking by chopping things up and reattaching them. This is certainly the fun way to go about it!

We recommend starting off with several of theBreyer Stablemates model horses. Your imagination and creativity will run wild with the more heads, bodies and legs that you have to work with. You can find body box sales online and at live shows. Even if horses are beat up or broken you can still use something from that mold. Ebay is another good venue to find inexpensive lots of Breyer horses to makeover.

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250-priscilla-presley-and-maxBreyer Introduces Elvis Presley Model Horse Collection

Priscilla Presley will join the celebration of Hollywood and horses and will be autographing a limited number of models of Rising Sun, Elvis’ registered palomino American Quarter Horse! Join Breyer as they launch the Breyer’s Elvis Presley collection.

The Breyer Elvis Presley Collection is a tribute to Elvis and Priscilla Presley’s favorite horses, past and present, and the collection will be launched at BreyerFest this year to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the birth of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Click here to learn more about the new Elvis Presley model horses from Breyer.



Guide to Model Horse Photo Show Preparation
Most model horse enthusiasts compete in photo shows from time to time. It is an enjoyable experience that allows you to interact with your model horses. After all, it is said that “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Not only is competing in model horse photo shows rewarding, it is both fun and educational. The judges will have a solid working knowledge of halter and performance criteria along with the different breed types so that they can choose a winner with the best qualifications.
Click here to learn how to prepare for your first Breyer model horse photo show event!