The new model horse toy that’s taking over the industry!

Debuted in 2005, Safari Ltd’s Blue Ribbon and Winner’s Circle Horses are taking over the model horse industry! Created from one horse lover for another horse lover, the passion for horses inspired Ramona Pariente, president of Safari Ltd, to create the most stunning and authentically detailed model horses in the global marketplace.

She sought out the best sculptor who is an expert on horses and their anatomy.

“She is beyond all my expectations,” Ramona said about the horse sculptor. “These horses even have veins on their faces, silver painted horseshoes on their hooves, and their nostrils and eyes glisten!”

I have examined the model horses myself and I have also noticed the intense detailed attention given to them. Details include the hair above the hoof to the muscles in the shoulders and the rump.

30020Winner’s Circle and Blue Ribbon Horses are representative of the most popular breeds. This collection of plastic replicas include the Arabian, Appaloosa, Clydesdale, Quarter Horse, Morgan, Welsh Cob, Mustang, The American Paint Horse, Thoroughbred, and the popular Friesian. Unlike any other model horse replica, these horses include a 5 language educational hang tag for all ages!

Both collections are hand painted and made out of phthalate-free polyvinyl. The material is safe for kids and big enough so kids can’t choke on them.

Safari has been producing excellent replicas since the mid eighties and they have always been more animated and realistic than any model horse toy out there. These replicas are not a mold of standing plastic, but an educational spark for the child’s imagination with incredible detail. Education is the basis of Safari Ltd. They are not in the business of selling plastic. They promote conservation and a love for our animal kingdom.

Even though the model horses feature the same characteristics,Winner’s Circle and Blue Ribbon Horses are sized in a different scale. The Winner’s Circle Collection adult horses are approximately 4” High while the foals measure around 3 ½” High. This collection is compatible with Schleich. When you though play time couldn’t get any better, Safari created a Derby Truck to pull the horse trailer and horses. This was considered the most popular accessory in the Safari line according to a spokesperson at Farm Goods for Kids.

The Blue Ribbon Horses measure from 6 inches to 7 inches tall depending on the mold you get.

These horses come in different molds such as the western pleasure, dead run, gallop, walking, and even jogging. The horses come in different colors such as Dappled Grey, Bay, Black, White, Palomino, Paint, Appaloosa, and more!

A customer service agent at Farm Goods for Kids said she was impressed with the detail the first time she saw these horses. “If I could buy any toy horse for my child, it wouldn’t be Breyer… it wouldn’t be Schleich… it wouldn’t be Grand Champions. It would be either a Winner’s Circle or Blue Ribbon Horse,”

Collect them all!