Grand Champions: The Most Beautiful Horses in the World!
What are Grand Champions toy horses and why are they so popular?

Written by Janae

Grand Champions are model toy horses who are distributed by Alpha International and their partner company, Mutiny Bay. These plastic beauties have bodies made of hard plastic and have brushable manes and tails. You can buy them individually or as a set. Grand Champions are for the Horse Lovers who are never too young to collect and never too old to play. They come in different poses, colors, and styles.

Kids have loved these model horses since they first came out in the late eighties, when they were actually made by Empire Toys before they filed bankruptcy. They are fun to collect and don't cost much. Every horse comes with its own brush and tack, and flaunt a 'GC' logo on their rump.

These horses are very detailed when it comes to defining the muscles all over the body and the veins around the face. Grand Champions are not only toys for kids, but they are also hobbies for teenagers and adults. They are fun to customize, paint and rehair.

On the back of the box that the Grand Champions come in, is a "Blue Ribbon Coupon" that tells how many points the horse is worth. When you collect enough points, then you can get a free Grand Champion horse. The free horse of your pick varies, but keeps updated on this website: .

The different styles include Action Champs, Fancy Parade, Feed 'N Nuzzle, Micro Mini's, Grand Champion Minis, and regular Grand Champions. All the "standard" sized Grand Champions are sized the same as the Classic Breyer Horses, which are also compatible. The Grand Champion Minis are sized the same size as the Breyer Stablemates, and the Micro Minis are even smaller than that!

Action Champs: When you pull down on the reins, the horse's tail swishes. This style of horse comes with lots of fun accessories including a golden trophy, a comb to run through his brushable mane & tail, a water bucket, sponge, spray bottle, bridle, western show saddle, and colorful saddle blanket.

Fancy Parade: The Fancy Parade comes with two complete parade outfits to create 2 different looks (show parade & driving). Realistic decorations and accessories are interchangeable. Classic sized horse has main and tail that you can comb.

Feed N Nuzzles: One of the most popular Grand Champions that kids love because horses can nuzzle each other or pick up their own food. There is magnets in the horses nose and on the food that allows them to do this. Depending on the set, some includes a mama horse and a baby horse with a brush, food, and blankets. Some only come with just 1 horse.

Micro Minis: The Micro Minis are the smallest in the Grand Champions collection. They are approximately 1.5" tall. Kids love how tiny they are as they can bring them anywhere!

Grand Champion Minis: These sets are popular as they come with a full play set. There are different themes including the Rodeo Adventure, Quarter Horse Family, Equestrian Finals, Selle Francais Family, and the Thoroughbred Family. Depending on the theme, it comes with its own accessories! These are compatible with the Breyer Stablemates.

Traditional Grand Champions: These are the traditional Grand Champions. They are sized to be compatible with the Classic Sized Breyer Horses. They include a brush and their own tack including bridle, saddle blanket, saddle, and hair bow.

Horse Country Collection: Horse Country is the new style of Grand Champions. The manufacturer promised a new and better Grand Champions and so they came up with Horse Country. They are compatible with the Tradition Grand Champions including Breyer's Classic Sized horses.

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