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Anatomy in Motion
The Visible Horse

Do you ever wonder where Breyer's Anatomy in Motion model horse comes from? It comes from a well-known clinic. A woman named Susan Harris takes up to 4 hours to paint the skeletal system and muscles on a live horse to demonstrate how the horse's structure and movement works. The horse is painted with hypo-allergenic and washable paint so it doesn't hurt the horse's skin and it's easy to wash off right after her presentation to all her students.

 By painting the horse's muscles on one side, and the bone structure on the other side, it makes it easy to understand how the horse's body works. By looking at the horse's muscles, you can see what makes good balance and nice movement. The colorful major muscle groups show how the muscles work. Susan Harris will lunge the horse on a lunge line or jump the horse over jumps to give students a better understanding. This way, you can visually see it, instead of sitting in a class room learning about it from a drawing. It's plain to see what causes poor or good movement, and common causes of movement problems.

 The original "Painted Horse" is a 23-Year Old purebred Gelding named Satori owned by Peggy Brown. He was the original "Living Anatomy Model Horse" from the first Visible Horse Presentation at Equitana USA in 1996.

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